tshirt creation



My almost 3yr old is the proud owner of a new World of Warcraft tshirt. I made this a few weeks ago but was a bit slack in blogging.
It was my first ever attempt at refashioning a tshirt, it started off as a Men’s Size large tshirt but now is a size 3 tshirt.
I used a tshirt that fits him well as the base of the pattern and pretty much winged it.Im pretty happy with how it turned out.I just can not believe he will be 3 soon.



In the next few months,i am moving to the sunshine coast. Right now i have no internet connection.But i am planning something amazing for my blog…so stay tuned.

Fall/Winter 2011 Trends – Punk

One trend that seems to be staying around is the Punk trend.  This trend in fashion was with us in 2010 and is not going away anytime soon. It has an impact on a few other trends as well, such as the biker chic trend. This trend has sneaked its way slowly into more stores,whilst other stores seem to be ignoring this trend by choice.

This seasons colours have been influenced by the bold bright colours (oranges, reds,yellows etc) of the 1970’s fashion trend and darker colours (purples,blacks etc) were inspired by the gothic trend that is slowly emerging on the catwalk.

Another trend to watch out for is high collars which are featuring amongst the designs of a few designers who have been inspired by the punk trend.  As you can see from the photos, leather is a heavy feature in the trend, but its the softening when combine with lace that makes this trend more feminine and less1970’s punk.

Cesare Paciotti has combine Leather and Lace in these  Heels. They echo the nineteenth-century boudoir theme of the collection, with the lace motif print on the bottom. I think these shoes would be a great reason to pop your feet up on the coffee table.

Overall, the Punk trend is not for everyone,some find the look of a leather jacket as not very elegant or not very feminine. Which, I do think is true. It all comes down, to what you team with the jacket on how feminine or elegant you look. You can soften the look with a white floaty blouse , which in a way pays a bit of a tribute to the past trend of the boho/hippy chic look.

To Do List

I guess since I have neglected this Blog for ages, (sorry about that) I will write all my to do list here of things I want to sew and cross them off as I get them done.

Also some great news I am studying Fashion design & dressmaking now.

My “To Sew List”

Stuff for Me:

Underbust Pinafore Dress (I have drawn the pattern up just need to get the fabric)*

Ruffled layered Skirt  (Again drawn the pattern up but haven’t got fabric yet)

Hooded keyhole Tshirt  *

fabric Bows 

Thigh high socks

Lacroix Leggings 


Burberry knock off skirt

Shirt skirt

Fused plastic belt

Converse to ballet flats   *


Skull arm warmers 

Kitty Hat

Eyeball skirt

Bolerofry a hoodie

Jeans mini skirt 

Girly tshirt

Tornado tshirt

Shredded Tshirt

Dress from a man’s shirt 

Flanno baby doll jacket 

Altered stripe Tank 

Ruby Shoes

catch & release scarf

necklace halter top

Tank from flanno shirt

upcycled bracelet 

skully tshirt

Nautical Inspired Shirt

batman bolero jacket

Gold rush bolero 

Wolvereine slashed hoodie

Some tshirts and skirts 

Floaty clouds top 

Emma pilsbury tshirt


Lolita blouse

Goth lolita dress

Bondage pants 


Pencil skirt

Ruffle tshirt

Peasent shirt

Pleated lace shirt

Gir hoodie

bat signal tote bag 

batman hooded tee

Comic book corset belt

monster messenger bag

Vinyl record purse

mini bloomers 

Pop tab bracelet

toothbrush bracelet

Button flowers


Batman boots

tartan pinafore dress

Hooded tshirt 

batman dress

Hooded Bolero jacket


For The boys

Kingston patch jeans 

Little old mans cardi

Toddler dressing Gown

Bleach Tshirt 

Kneepad pants

Eddie cap



Shirt pants

Dinosaur hoodie

zipped jumper 

mechanic suit

mowhawk hat

lunchmoney cuff   ( it hink i should make one for myself too!)

Monster snow hat 

Upcycled hats

Tshirt makeover

vest refashion

Bucket hat



Art notebooks (i will have to make 3 of these)

beanbag numbers

Felt car playhouse  ( i think i will end up needing two of these I can predict a few fights over it lol)

Balloon Ball

Stuff for the house

recycled grocery totes

fairy light spheres

kitchen mat

patchwork tea towels


Place setting placemats

milk crate storage

Not Sewing but Crafty 

Dresser makeover

fabric wall decals 

letters on wall

sidewalk chalk

love bunting

**I may add more later **

Links marked with a * at the end are ones i am currently working on so watch this space for finished products!

Tye Dyed Nappies

some of the nappies

more nappies

So I had 11 or so Tot Bot fitted cloth nappies that needed new elastic to be put in them. I took the elastic out and then an idea hit me, I could dye them and make them pretty. And as you can see from the pictures I had a bit of fun dying them. I have only put elastic in 2 of them so far. It is quite hard to get sewing time in with 3 sick boys. Once I have finished them all, I will post a picture of all of them sitting together.

I did get a but Tye Dye crazy, and i went and tye dyed some of my 4 year old’s singlets and some of my 2 year olds body suits.

Past Creations

Here are some Photos of my past creations:









These were made from a fleece blanket and the patches on the knees were made from a flannel wrap.







These groovy Flame pants were made from a Man’s XL button up shirt.